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Tiki Time! This Year We've Got Salt + Smoke on Deck

July 02, 2017

Join us for this summer’s installment of TIKI SUNDAY, on Sunday, August 13, 2017. We throw out our well-loved menus in favor of special sips and potent potations, and scrum-diddly-umptuous sustenance. This year we’re mixing it up, we’ll open early and close early for day drinking and frivolity, and we’ve invited our super rad friends from Salt + Smoke to join us! They’re roasting suckling pig on site and slinging their famous macaroni and cheese. Imagine, roast hog in one hand and a Suffering Bastard in the other. You’ll probably see at least one of us splitting open coconuts with a machete. Yes, we have a machete! Dressing up is encouraged, studies show if you look good you feel good so come look and feel good with us while we endeavor to get you a bit giggly. See you August 13!

tiki photo

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