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Tiki Time! This Year We've Got Salt + Smoke on Deck

July 02, 2017

Join us for this summer’s installment of TIKI SUNDAY, on Sunday, August 13, 2017. We throw out our well-loved menus in favor of special sips and potent potations, and scrum-diddly-umptuous sustenance. This year we’re mixing it up, we’ll open early and close early for day drinking and frivolity, and we’ve invited our super rad friends from Salt + Smoke to join us! They’re roasting suckling pig on site and slinging their famous macaroni and cheese. Imagine, roast hog in one hand and a Suffering Bastard in the other. You’ll probably see at least one of us splitting open coconuts with a machete. Yes, we have a machete! Dressing up is encouraged, studies show if you look good you feel good so come look and feel good with us while we endeavor to get you a bit giggly. See you August 13!

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Riki-TIKI-Tavi: The Return of Tiki

June 10, 2016

Remember the Tiki originators in our fair city? Yeah, that was us. We’re gearing up for a summer of love here at Taste Bar, and that means the return of Tiki Sundays. There are three: June 26, July 31, and August 28. Normal operating hours, but we’ll set fire to our regular, workaday menu in favor of specials, old stand-bys (can you smell that bahn mi yet?!) and new classics. Instead of Old-Fashioneds and Heavy Waters you’ll be sipping Port Lights, diabolical Pina Coladas, and souped-up Zombies. Normal hours apply, but get in before 10pm for best results (we make no promises so close to the witching hour). Grab your most tropical Tiki attire, get your mind on that Jimmy Buffett tip, and join us for three steamy evenings this summer at Taste Bar.tiki photo

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